Book about how to do organizational culture

“Culture Eats Execution For Breakfast.”

As a leader, have you heard this culture quote but wrestle with how to make it happen?

Do you believe that culture is very important, but are wondering where to get started, how to work on it, address it, systematize an approach, cut through the touchy-feely fog? Wondering how to make your culture something that is tangible, measurable, actionable, sustainable? 

Your author’s clients felt the same way and they broke the code, solved the riddle, made organizational culture simple and straightforward, sustainable. 

Students of the game who get into this book are tired of the 30,000 foot, ivory tower perspective of corporate culture. They are disappointed with the theory articles and theory books on company culture, they want a way to bring it down to the ground, make it actionable, executable, repeatable. 

Walt’s organizational culture clients, over 200 of them since 2007, helped develop and prove the approach he shares in the book. This is not theory, it is on the ground real-world, real-person stuff.

In this book Brown shares the Why, How and What of sustainable culture (to borrow Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” model)

  • Brown lays out the Why: The psychology between humans and culture so you can understand the mechanics that help or hinder.
  • Then he takes you through the What: 7 straight forward questions you and your team need to answer.
  • Then lays out How: How you initiate and then keep your culture effort moving. 

With this approach, you will be able to take something that is mushy and hard to get a handle on, to something you can get your hands and head around to mold it, making culture measurable and easy, yours.

The Patient Organization is the textbook for the 7 Question – 7 Promise Momentum Framework and is used in conjunction with Rockefeller Habits, Scaling Up, 4DX, and Entrepreneurial Operating System, EOSⓇ.  It is designed for determined go-getters who won’t settle for anything less than building and maintaining their dream company.