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Patience is not about dragging feet or suffering fools. It’s about having the courage and wisdom to surround yourself with people who are bought in and engaged.  It’s about taking time to focus and think, to rise above the system, to make methodical improvements that yields repeatable advances. Patience leads to consistency, which leads to stamina, stamina that drives incredible results.  Patience is your organizational bedrock where motivated and engaged people want to work.

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“Walt is the serious entertainment.”

Attracting, Engaging, Empowering and Retaining great team players is our message.

The Facts

Average Employee Tenure

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The above numbers come from a recent April 2018 article by Business Insider

These hip company statistics are actually on the high side nationally.

Numbers put out nationally from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the average has been trending down from 4.1 years and is pointing to 2.8 to 2.9 years.

Does anything wear you out more than losing great team mates, backfilling missing positions or retaining questionable employees?

Walt is here to help you fix this.

Insightful, educational, and entertaining, Walt Brown’s message is one of achieving freedom. Specifically, the kind of freedom that comes when owners and their leadership teams have the guts to create healthy and effective organizations. As a Organizational Strategist specializing in the implementation of Organizational Operating Systems , his philosophy is that when we become healthy and effective we naturally create freedom for ourselves, our employees, our vendors, our customers and the world at large. We get good at Attracting, Engaging, Empowering and especially Retaining our A Players.

So what exactly is a Patient Organization?

Let’s start with what it is not.

Patience is not about dragging feet, suffering fools or allowing jerks to linger in your organization. It’s about taking time to focus and think, to rise above the system to make methodical improvements, and to prioritize problems and opportunities. Patience is about knowing when to strike, at lightning speed if necessary. Patience leads to consistency, and with consistency comes stamina, and with stamina comes incredible repeatable results. A Patient Organization attracts employees who love their work and their work place.

What it is.

A Patient Organization is one where two things have happened and continue to happen. On one hand leadership is 100% aligned to what yes looks like to the 7 fundamental questions in Walt’s book and on the other hand the company has installed and mastered an Organizational Operating System that allows every individual in the company to be able to consistently understand and align with yes to the 7 questions.

When these two things are in place, the organization can do something very powerful, it can make and keep a promise.  A promise where they commit to surrounding their employees with people who can say: Yes, I Belong.  Yes, I Believe.  Yes, I am Accountable.  Yes, I am Measured well.  Yes, I am Heard.  Yes, I am Developed.  Yes, I am Balanced.

When you can make and then keep your promise you will become a Patient Organization.  The organization you always dreamed of having.

Are you ready to transform your business into a Patient Organization that attracts, engages, and retains the best talent? Let’s get started.

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THE Missing key to unlock the power trapped in your Organizational Operating System

The Patient Organization

The Patient Organization is a guidebook for determined go-getters who won’t settle for anything less than seeing their dreams come to life.

But please, do NOT order this book if…

  • You don’t believe in maximizing your opportunity by surrounding yourself with great teammates.
  • You are all talk and no action.
  • You are happy with the status quo.
  • You don’t want to be a champion.
  • You are a manager and not a leader.
  • You believe that business does not positively impact the greater good.
  • You don’t smile and laugh at work.
  • You don’t agree that, at root, every problem is linked to a people problem.
  • You can’t say: “I don’t know what I don’t know.”
  • You can’t laugh at yourself, please, please don’t read this book.

Still reading? Good. Let’s change the world together.



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A Seasoned Organizational Strategist: Walt Brown is Not Practicing on You.

During the last decade, Walt Brown has helped transform the culture of more than 153 organizations across the country through his work helping companies install effective Organizational Operating Systems, systems that attain and maintain yes to the seven question. It’s his greatest pleasure to help owners and companies sharpen or even resurrect their original dream culture, to get back the company they always dreamed of having, to create that place they always wanted to work.  He loves pedaling along with his clients as they think, plan, execute, then take time to observe, adjust, and reflect as they master the skills necessary to permanently enjoy the fruits of an awesome OOS installation. An OOS installation that leads to them becoming a Certified Patient Organization.

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The 7 Questions

  • Do I Belong?
  • Do I Believe?
  • Do I understand and embrace what I am Accountable for?
  • Do I understand and embrace how I am Measured?
  • Do I understand and embrace how I am Heard?
  • Do I understand and embrace how I am Developed?
  • Do I understand and embrace how I maintain Balance?

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