Become a 7 Promises Certified Patient Organization

Attaining Yes, Maintaining Yes, Making and Keeping your Promises.

You may already be a 7 Promises Patient Organization and are just a few steps away from being Certified as one.

Seal for 7 Promises Certification
7 Promises Certified Patient Organization Seal


Background: Tired of the specious PR driven and beauty pageant based “Best Places to Work” awards that are so prevalent today, Walt, his clients, and his peers have set out to establish a valid, robust, measurable and auditable standard, a standard that can be trusted by existing team members and employees, and one that will be recognized and trusted by humans outside of the organization. One that is accessible to everyone.

The Proven Process

7 Promises Certification Proven Process

Above is the Proven Process, the steps all Certified 7 Promises Organizations complete and maintain.

Steps Defined:

Are you serious: This step starts with a phone interview where we seek to understand where you are in the process so we can determine next steps.

Attain and Maintain Audit and Roadmap: This step involves more interviews, completion of the 7 Promises employee survey, and an audit of your level of Attainment as a leadership team the what the 7 Promises are and the ability of your OOS installation to Maintain and keep your promises.

From this review and Audit, comes a Roadmap = the things you may or may not need to work on in order to become Certified.  Very often, companies that have had let’s say: an EOS Implementation with a Certified EOS Implementer or a Scaling Up install with a Gazelles Coach, then, very often they have already done the hard work and will just need to commit to a plan to strengthen where the survey may have shown them to be weak.

By the end of this stage you will know where you are and have an idea of the time and $ commitment it will take to get you to a point where you can make and keep your Promise.

Attain and Maintain Foundation Installation: This might be a step you skip altogether.  The Attainment Foundation is the work you must do as a leadership team to get on the same page as to what Yes to the 7 Questions are so you can make your promise.  The Maintain Foundation is the installation of a proven OOS or the refinement of your existing OOS in alignment with the Roadmap above.

Make Your Promise and Keep Your Promise: This is the irony, you do the above, where you Attain Yes, and then install and OOS that you commit to and run, the the Promise will be constantly made and constantly kept.

Which leads to the Waterwheel: Your OOS is your waterwheel, your water are your engaged employees, the little certification dots, when you get this system in place it becomes a perpetual machine driven by the desire of your people, keeping you in compliance with the 7 Promises Organization Certification.

Become Certified and Stay Certified 1. At a minimum, annually, you will be required to administer an anonymous 7 Promises survey for your people, from the survey results will be very specific plans you will execute to shore up where ever you are not strong. If you have a great OOS, this will be easy.  2. One of our third party auditors will work with you to review your OOS and the turning of the waterwheel to be sure you are living up to your OOS commitments. At a minimum Annual Audit Statement will be posted attesting to the validity of your promise, commitment and effort.

You will have a unique Certification Seal you can use that will link back to a secure certification page on the TPO site.

Positively Engage your markets and the world at large:  This is a result of becoming Patient – your markets will be more engaged and your company will impact and change the world at large.

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The 7 Questions

  • Do I Belong?
  • Do I Believe?
  • Do I understand and embrace what I am Accountable for?
  • Do I understand and embrace how I am Measured?
  • Do I understand and embrace how I am Heard?
  • Do I understand and embrace how I am Developed?
  • Do I understand and embrace how I maintain Balance?

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