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I believe in freedom, happiness and simple things done savagely well.

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> 150 Organizations, > 1,500 Days, > 12,000 Client facing team hours

“Walt will not brag on himself, so I am writing this for him, Greg. I refer to Walt as an Expert Organizational Awareness Strategist.  I have been his coach since 2006 and have watched as Walt has worked with over 150 organizations across more than 1,500 days, focusing for over 12,000 hours in the room with senior leadership teams helping them do the gutsy work of reorganizing and optimizing how they work to create organizational awareness and effectiveness.  That 12,000 hours does not include the time outside of the client room he spends sharpening and refining. From this deep experience he and his clients discovered the 7 Promises at the heart of his book and at the core of his message and approach.  This stuff is proven, refined and works.  Walt is a guy that focuses on doing simple things savagely well and he knows that with patience comes consistency, and with consistency comes stamina and with stamina comes incredible repeatable results.”

Pre-coaching background and life line.

“Seasoned multi-company entrepreneur” is one label that has been used to describe Walt over the years.

Many folks refer to Walt as an entrepreneur, but he insists this is much too generous: “I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur. I consider myself someone who is good at seeing existing patterns and pulling them together in logical ways that people are willing to pay for, then I build teams to serve the pattern.”

Walt believes that, like a waterwheel (powerful, patient, and versatile), a good Organizational Operating System (OOS) captures the source of an organization’s energy and direction, (humans) and then focuses that energy powering your organization. Walt’s Seven Questions and the tools of your OOS are the buckets on that wheel, the fins on the turbine. If you can keep filling those buckets by aligning everyone to yes on the Seven Questions with your OOS, you will harness incredible energy.

Walt is seven for seven when it comes to launching and growing new companies. During the last decade, he has helped transform the culture of more than one hundred fifty organizations across the country as an Implementer of an OOS known as the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. It is his greatest pleasure to work with his clients as they think, plan, execute, observe, adjust, and reflect as they master the skills necessary to permanently enjoy the fruits of a Patient Organization.

One trait that sets Walt’s career apart from others is extreme seasonality. When one is in a seasonal business, two good, bad, and ugly things come with it: 1) The bad and ugly of a seasonal business are extreme cash-flow issues. 2) The good is the off-season, when you have time to think, plan, consider a serious change in approach, and then test your execution next season. Walt was cursed but mostly blessed with seasonality, it provided him a unique number of strategic planning reps that honed his understanding of strategic thinking and patience. The built-in patience of those cycles shaped Walt’s business philosophy and his approach to team coaching, which puts patience front and center.

So you can get a sense of his experience, combined, Walt’s 50 largest business clients have 8711 employees, with average sales per employee of $245,786, their average size is $45.5 Million in revenue per year and combined they are doing over $2.2 Billion in sales. Since being becoming Certified Patient Organizations, their employee engagement has consistently risen, employee tenure has increased, and they have doubled their bottom lines and doubled their net free cash flow. Plus they are enjoying life with more freedom.  He is typically working with 30 clients across 150 days in a year.

And Walt likes to have fun too.  Skiing with his daughter Marion in Alta. Yes, Marion is wearing a UNC Basketball Jersey.

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Praise For Walt

“This is an exciting and much-needed contribution from the trenches. Brown has simplified and condensed decades of his pioneering work building Patient Organizations to Seven Questions your team members will answer. This dynamic approach can eliminate dysfunction while achieving significant organizational loyalty and improvement. The results speak for themselves. Ya gotta’ read this book!”

Greg Walker
Executive Coach To 300+ Business Owners For More Than Thirty Years

“What I like best about this is that it’s full of what I call “Waltisms”. As Integrator at Counter Culture, I rely heavily not only on EOS but on the lessons peppered in the EOS coaching from you. I recite them often as “Waltisms” – nuggets of wisdom or thought provoking questions that help drive an organization’s implementation of an OOS.

The Patient Organization compliments EOS well because it helps further define the connection a leader and a company has with the most important (in my opinion) key function of EOS: People. Let’s be honest, the EOS tool for the quarterly conversation is conceptual, but this makes it very tangible.

The concept of EATT is also really important. Much more concise than Five Dysfunctions and logically connects trust to actions: trying , adapting, evolving. It’s a powerful reminder of the value and necessity of trust.

Lastly, and man this one kinda blew my mind, I really like the idea that a company is essentially a fiction, given power by people believing in it. I love it.”

Johnny Five
Tea Company In the Book

“If you aren’t running an Organizational Operating System that answers the 7 Questions and are just winging it with effort and talent then I truly feel sorry for you. Not because I think you are stupid, but because I have been there before. Can you imagine an NFL team trying to win games or score a touchdown by drawing plays in the dirt? Yet that is exactly how most people choose to run their business. They just make it up as they go along because that is how it has always been. As an organization grows it needs a system, to get to yes on the 7 Questions, it needs core values, it needs a plan and it needs plays it can run on a weekly and daily business so it can grow. EOS can give your team complete 7Q playbook. It gives you a system. It teaches you how to run winning plays. So drop your stick, quit drawing up your business plan in the dirt and get busy growing in the right direction. Your team and family will thank you.”

James Cummings
Visionary and CEO
Multi Store Hair Cutting Franchise Example in the book.

“Becoming a Patient Organization is critical for any company looking to thrive. It changed the way we think, act and is a major catalyst in the growth of our company.”

Mercer Stansfield

Walt has managed to explain why some operating systems succeed when others fail. Hint it has nothing to do with the operating system but more to do with your people (big surprise right). Whether you have an operating system (one of the many in the marketplace today for optiimizing your people and processes or fly by the seat of your pants. Get your last competitive advantage aligned around these 7 Questions and you can’t possibly fail to grow.

Greg Cleary
EOS Implementor and Business Guru
Greg Cleary Co.

The 7 Questions

  • Do I Belong?
  • Do I Believe?
  • Do I understand and embrace what I am Accountable for?
  • Do I understand and embrace how I am Measured?
  • Do I understand and embrace how I am Heard?
  • Do I understand and embrace how I am Developed?
  • Do I understand and embrace how I maintain Balance?

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